Best restaurants for a birthday dinner in Melbourne

That time of year is rolling around again (is it just us, or is time speeding up?) and you’re about to become a little bit older and, hopefully, wiser. 

While it should be a time of celebration, the stress of organising an event or function can take away from the festivities. To make things easier, here are the best places in Melbourne to host a birthday dinner. 



pastuso main menu.jpg


Take your guests on an adventure to the Andes with Pastuso, a Peruvian food experience on ACDC Lane by chef Alejandro Saravia. Pastuso will work perfectly for a relaxed birthday lunch in the restaurant or a more intimate dinner in one of their private dining rooms. Start your feast at the cevicheria, sampling a variety of fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, then move on to devouring meats from the parrilla (charcoal grill), Cilindro (smoker) and spit, and finish with exotic and vibrant desserts or a pisco sour. 


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If a steakhouse is your vibe the choice is easy with Palermo. Named after Buenos Aires’ largest and most vibrant barrio, Palermo showcases Argentinian food with an Italian twist. The perfect place to enjoy the best of two culinary worlds that come together oh-so nicely. Flamboyant food is matched with an extensive wine list and share style menus make things easy for big groups, with a focus on slow-roasted, quality meats with an iconic Argentian flavour. 

San Telmo

The philosophy of San Telmo is simple: life is to be enjoyed with family, friends and lovers. The warm and welcoming setting is perfect for a birthday dinner, with a private dining space located in the middle of the restaurant so groups can enjoy the lively atmosphere. Head Chef, Stephen Clark, has carefully designed menus for groups that ensure everyone samples the best of the menu, including empanadas, ceviche, chorizo, slow-cooked pork and their famous dulce de leche dessert.

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A celebration at Asado feels like an evening by the fire in the vast plains of an Argentinian estancia (ranch). The Spanish influence spices things up, think jamon boards, high-grade imported tinned seafood and pintxos-style small bites with deep glasses of sangria, Patagonian Pilsner or G&Ts with Spanish olives. With four stylish semi-private rooms separated by floor-to-ceiling wine racks and hanging rope curtains, the space can be transformed to suit any group size.